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What makes us different from "therapy?"

Positive Psychology & Emergence Theory

All the below can be said to be beneficial, but lack three additional dimensions.

emergence isn't...

Self Help

As individuals we are limited by our own observations and beliefs about ourselves. Having someone else to reflect with opens doors to new ideas & self awareness.

...and it isn't


We don't dwell on the past, but your future. Your past may come up, but only in the context of how its experiences can strengthen you and give you confidence

nor is it...


We don't dwell on what's wrong with you, but what's right and can be improved.

conceptually it is close to...


...But life is about more than guided solutions. If you want more than quick answers, we can help you uncover more value and meaning in your life too.

It's not therapy. It's consultancy. emergence embraces the principles of all the above, with 3 added dimensions:

  1. focussing on your strengths,
  2. correlating these with your emotional state of mind,
  3. and identifying your simple rules.

We'll work with you to strengthen what you can do, not dwell on what you can't. This is a founding principle of Positive Psychology: building on your strengths, not focusing on perceived weaknesses.

Strengths include:

  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Bravery and valor
  • Capacity to love and be loved
  • Creativity, ingenuity, and originality
  • Curiosity and interest in the world
  • Forgiveness and mercy
  • Gratitude
  • Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness
  • Hope, optimism, and future-mindedness
  • Humor and playfulness
  • Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness
  • Kindness and generosity
  • Fairness, equity and justice
  • Leadership
  • Love of learning
  • Modesty and humility
  • Perseverance, industry and diligence
  • Perspective (wisdom)
  • Prudence, caution, and discretion
  • Religiousness, spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith
  • Self-regulation and self-control
  • Social intelligence
  • Teamwork, citizenship and loyalty
  • Zest, enthusiasm, and energy