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Why Emergence?

Why Emergence is unique; why it will work for you

  • Today's is a very uncertain environment and the challenges facing people and organisations are tough.
  • Our aim is to be of service to those not just seeking personal, professional, or organisational development but to prepare them to actively seek out new opportunities and challenges.
  • Our clients benefit from a totally unique and personal process which achieves formidable results thanks to a broad skillset, deep toolbox and experience.
  • Numerous testimonials from personal and corporate clients, senior executives, directors, and personal recommendations are available upon request. 
  • We offer programs and bespoke consultancy services ranging from single intensive 90-minute sessions to 9-week programs including periodic seminars to review and maintain progress. These reveal and build on an individual's or organisation's strengths and identify ways forward in a solutions-focused manner.
  • Unlike just coaching or counseling or traditional coprporate consultancy, we combine aspects of each with the added benefit the science of Positive Psychology, and some of the key principles Emergence Theory - that of simple rules leading to complex outcomes - to deliver a richer more effective approach; one greater than just the sum of its parts.
  • We call this approach Cultivated Emergence - the development of positive outcomes from identifying and designing simple rules to achieve great results building on the foundations of your key strengths and traits.
  • Emergence is here to help its clients help themselves.
  • Everyone needs goals, and most importantly, achievable goals.
  • Without starting a journey, you won't ever arrive. Life is more than just a journey. Begin yours now.