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Bespoke Personal & Organisational Change Packages

We offer bespoke consultancy services aimed at revealing and building on an individual's or organisation's key strengths and identify ways forward in a solutions-focused manner, incorporating wellbeing and resilience at the heart of our approach.


For organisations, our aim:

For organisations, unlike the complication and expense of working with top-heavy time-intensive traditional consultancies, we take the approach that often, small and simple changes can ignite far-reaching positive growth, benefitting from the combination the science of Positive Psychology offers with Emergence Theory's notions of applying simple rules to achieve complex outcomes - in this case positive change. It is an approach greater than just the sum of its parts. This unique and revolutionary method cuts the cost of traditional consultancy and delivers results, fast.

Why choose a bespoke package for your organisation?

Management teams can harness the power of Emergence solutions and choose delivery options that are tailored to suit a particular group, be they junior managers, front of house staff, designers, customer service representatives, or indeed anyone in your organasition - from a CEO to receptionists. We don't believe in lengthy time consuming unengaging workshops. We believe in triggering the power of the individual to ignite widespread change from within an organisation. The people we work with will be empowered to pass on their insight and greater understanding to their team members and colleagues, creating a trickle-down effect of benefits which will take root organically and spread naturally making change inspiring and exciting, not confrontational or worrisome.

For individuals, our aims are:

We work flexibly with those who may desire to incorporate counselling, coaching, or therapy into our programmes. Being multi-disciplinary means we can do this, and uniquely offer a bespoke approach. This could mean addressing specific areas above and beyond a holistic "be your best self" approach. It's up to you to decide what you'd like us to help you be. We'll work out a programme with you, to suit you, around you. We take a contrarian view of conventional thinking, and treat you as the individual you are, not a patient, not a customer, and not a client. Whatever you feel you need to gain clarity on, Emergence can offer a way forward - and one which will make you feel better about yourself than ever before.

Why chose a bespoke programme for you as an individual?

At Emerence, we work flexibly with clients to ensure they get the best possible solutions. We invite you to let us know what would sut you specifically - no matter how extraordinary or unusual your requirements might be, and are happy to work in whichever way you are most comfortable. If you have a goal or purpose in mind, just get in touch.