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Strengths & Goals Package

Have a set of objectives and need a strategic plan to get there? Over 4+ sessions we'll identify these, your strengths, and the simple rules you can use to help you get where you want to be. This approach is designed around a coaching process. It identifies simple rules to work with your strengths, determine goals and set targets with a timeline and is very popular with solutions-focused people in search of specific outcomes; particularly those seeking professional development.


Our aim:

The desired result is a strategy to achieving your goals, a granular and detailed understanding of your strengths; where and how you should be deploying them; what your objectives are and how and when you will achieve them.

Why this package?

This is a multi-goal and more explorative package involving working with multiple strengths and rules to take a holistic view and empower you to succeed in your objectives.

It is designed around a coaching process:

  • 4+ sessions to uncover your strengths
  • Identify simple rules to work with your strengths
  • Determine goals and set targets with timelines
  • Very well suited to those who are solutions focused and in need of specific answers/solutions. Particularly suitable for those seeking professional development.
  • The final outcome is a detailed understanding of your strengths; where and how you should be deploying them; what your goals are, and how to achieve them.


Without knowing what our strengths are it's hard to set goals, because we need to know what we're best equipped to succeed at. We begin with compiling an inventory of your key strengths, and correlating them with your personal or professional life - depending on the purpose of your consultation. Either because you have specific goals in mind, or because you want to discover them, we then identify your desired goals and devise a strategic approach to achieving them, working on utilising your key strengths to deliver the way forward to doing this. We'll build a timeline of targets - incremental steps forward to achieving your utimate objective - using coaching techniques of breaking complex issues down to simple rules, targets and achievable objectives, so small steps lead over time lead to big strides.

Ideal for

This package is designed for people who might be considering changes in career, challenged at the workplace, focussed on a professional or personal set of changes to improve their work/life balance and more.


"I was considering a move from Switzerland to London a year ago. At the time I was Head of Innovation of Chocolat Frey, Switzerland's largest and most popular chocolate producer. Making that decision involved personal and career choices which were extremely challenging.
Julian helped me break down what the key issues were, what my strengths were, how I might use them to build a new career and life in the UK, and to plan for the future by approaching my move in small manageable steps. I've now built a consultancy in the UK which helps Swiss companies understand and enter the UK market.
This programme was invaluable in keeping me on track, and I've since also undergone the "Be your Best Self package" for my own personal development, which I can't recomment highly enough."
Mario Furer, Managing Partner, A Day In The Market Ltd , 2012